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“When your communication is given the right colour”.

The ultimate aim of Grace House is to provide quality speech-language therapy services. At the same time, Grace House values the importance of parental education. Therefore, we seek to provide parents with written and printed materials, which includes handouts and speech-language therapy magazine, from time to time, which serves as a platform for communication between Speech-Language Therapists and parents. As according to our tagline; “When your communication is given the right colour”, we aim to listen to your needs, observe your child’s strength and identify his room of improvement, in order to serve you better. As for employees, we believe our place is the right place where you can grow and shine. Grace House is like everyone’s house, which help you to show the best version of yourself and assist you in colouring your professional pathway. As talent needs grit and daily practice, we always aim for progress, no matter how small, and consider gradual improvement as solid success.


“Be transparent, be consistent, and develop!”

These are the values we emphasize on:


Grace House aspires to produce clear and quality writing in therapy materials, case notes, reports, and any other legal documents. We believe transparency facilitates two-way communication between Speech-Language Therapist and parents, which result in high healthcare service quality. Speech-language therapy is not only for the wealthy, it is for everyone who needs it. Just like a lovely house where no secret can be hidden.


We also believe in providing consistent practice and commitment to ensure great progress and improvement among children, which is in line with what the research has shown. We believe daily dose of practice and step-by-step guidance can yield results. The reason of a hedgehog in our logo is to always remind us to take small true step to gain the trust from the sensitive but still yearns-for-love hedgehog, that symbolises our special needs children.


We aim to assist our staffs, clients and their families to develop their clinical, leadership, writing skills and confidence in the communication that they require to increase their participation in daily situations. We emphasize on growth opportunities for Speech-Language Therapists and have capability in high flexibility for customization. Either in words or art, as long as it related to speech-language therapy, we embrace them. As cheerful as a sunflower, we encourage creativity and optimism.