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Telepractice/Online Speech Therapy is the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of speech language pathology and audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation (ASHA, n.d.). It’s also the safest delivery of service in view of current Covid-19 circumstances.

Here are the 3 benefits regarding Telepractice compared with traditional encounter:




How does it work?

  • Book a date with our certified Speech-Language Therapist.
  • Get your child and yourself ready

Concerned about effectiveness?

  • Do not worry, we will provide you comprehensive guidance on how do we support your journey.

Why us?

  • We have provided one-to-one online speech therapy to more than 70 families, ranging from Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Sabah, Perak, Sarawak, Penang, Kelantan, Pahang to Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
  • We have extensive clinical experience in assisting parents to create language-rich home environment through intensive parental training and direct real-time coaching. We do provide offline consultation to support your parent-child interaction.