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Speech-Language Therapy Appointment

Each speech-language therapy session is made by appointment. Our operating hours are from 9am to 5pm, on both weekdays and weekends. Our rest day is on Monday. However, if there is a special request, we are happy to accommodate your session out of office hour or on Monday. Please liaise with us by making a call at Grace House Careline 0111-6062185 or drop us an email.

For your information, we will guide you regarding the standard practice and procedure of speech-language therapy. Prior to therapy, an assessment is required. In speech-language therapy, we will design the place and activity according to your child’s needs, so that you find our parental education familiar and manageable. We believe that when are parents happy, the child will also be happy, and happiness is conducive to learn a new skill.

Should you feel uncertain, intimidated and paralyzed by the external voices and opinions regarding speech-language therapy and your child’s developmental condition, you may send us an email on your fears and frustration. We are pleased to be your listener, just like a family in the house, we won’t discriminate or judge you. Schedule an appointment with us. Grace House can be a safe haven for your thoughts, ideas and stories, without the interference of any judgement or prejudice. Take things slow and at your own comfortable pace. When you decide to commit into developing your child’s communication skill, it means  the time is ripe and you’re now ready.

A quick note for you if you are hesitant to approach us. The red flags for general speech and language development milestone is, a 2 years old child should be combining two words together, and a 4 years old child should be forming short sentences, up to 3-4 words per utterance. If you think your child’s speech and language development is different from his/her peers, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is better to be safe than sorry. It is never too late to seek for professional help. Don’t delay.

Once a date has been set, there are certain information we need for tailoring an effective assessment. Please send us your child’s name, age and date of birth. Please let us know your thoughts and the area that you are concerned with, and kindly tell us more about your child’s current communication skills so that we can understand him better. Please also attach your child’s therapy report/medical report (if you have any) prior to the assessment. Kindly attend session 10 minutes earlier for registration purposes.