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“Do not offer me speech-language therapy. Offer me happy hours with my child, eyes to witness growth, and a pen to carve the future.”

Grace House focuses on two areas, which are speech-language therapy and magazine publication. In Grace House, we strongly believe that speech-language therapy is not only for those who are well-to-do, but for EVERYONE who needs it. We think that speech-language therapy should no longer be implemented in a traditional approach, but in an effective and innovative manner. Therefore, we utilise speech-language therapy as a platform for our clients to develop their creativity and communication skills, either in words or in the form of art. We seek to provide parents and caregivers an easy and economical way to obtain information in relation to speech-language therapy. We encourage reading activity to stimulate our clients’ hand-to-paper, word-to-mind skills. That explains the girl who is always holding unto a book in our logo, to remind ourselves the importance of building knowledge through reading.

“Do not offer me a magazine. Offer me words of wisdom, the scent of professionalism, and the texture of sincerity.”

Our Grace House Magazines are formed through continuous commitments from our staff. We aim to provide the public with relevant information, as well as to increase public education regarding speech-language therapy consistently. We also ensure that all our Speech-Language Therapists are well-trained and we encourage them to participate in lifelong learning activities.

While speech-language therapy and magazine publication are our focus, we have faith that we are not just offering speech-language therapy, but also happy hours between parents and their children as well as a pen for these children to carve their future. We also believe that we are not merely offering magazines to the public, but also words of wisdom, our professionalism and sincerity.  These beliefs have provided a clear direction and excellent motivation for all team members in Grace House.

In terms of Grace House’s milestones, we actually started up as a platform for reading, named Read For Growth. It stemmed from a heart who loves to read, thus the first stirrings of desire to share inspiring books with the public began to bloom. Then, it grew into Life is A Book, a programme where podcasts had been self-recorded and shared, in order to inspire and motivate lives. Later on, founder Ms Grace Tan Cheng Man, who is also a Speech-Language Therapist, began to provide talks in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, sharing speech-language therapy information. She started to embark on the private practice of speech-language therapy and soon realized she had more to offer. The publication of Grace House Magazine, Malaysia’s first speech-language therapy magazine is her way of combining her passion for writing and speech-language therapy. Today, Grace House has branches in Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan, both offering parental and teacher training, in addition to the core service of tailoring individualized speech-language therapy to paediatric and adult population.

Grace House is an embodiment of love, care and passion. As for now, we plan to expand our roles into speech-language therapy service providers and as s writers’ breeding ground. As a healthcare provider, we aim to improve our service quality in order to help a wider circle of clients and deepen our expertise through constant internal training to improve our client’s feeding, communication and swallowing skills. We love to explore how clinical handouts could facilitate parental education!

Besides, we are bestowed with the responsibility of being a publisher, hence we comply to legal requirements and while also providing a stage for writers to share their knowledge to the public.