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Our focus is to improve public awareness through the publication of speech-language therapy magazines. We aim to share our resources and opinions in our magazines at a consistent basis. Initially, we aimed to publish once in two years. However, due to high demand from parents and our high motivation to share, there is no room for complacency. Hence, we decided to publish Grace House Magazine every year. Our first issue of Grace House Magazine had been published in year 2019, which focused on educating the public regarding the speech-language therapy industry. We believe by getting into habit of reading and continuous learning, we and parents will gain more clarity.

Takeaway message from 1st issue:
  • How to improve your child’s communication skill in Malaysian festivals (applicable for all three races: Chinese family, Malay family, Indian family)
  • Get professional consultation from Speech-Language Therapist team to address your inquiry on speech and language development
  • Seek resonance and exchange information from therapists and other disciplines on improving quality of health care service
Takeaway message from this 2nd issue:
  • How to improve your loved’s feeding and swallowing skills
  • Get professional consultation from Speech-Language Therapists team to address your inquiry on feeding development and swallowing progress
  • Seek resonance and exchange information from therapists and other disciplines on improving quality of health care service.
Takeaway message from this 3rd issue:
  • Focus on work-life balance and family love
  • Family tips from our Speech-Language Therapists to balance your childbearing and work
  • Understand role of family-centered and other speech therapy approach
  • How to offer family support or improve parental involvement
  • Self-care techniques for Speech-Language Therapists and improve your Emotional Intelligence in health industry
Takeaway message from this 4th issue:
  • Understand your child’s communication skills and how to help them
  • Get inspired from real life stories of therapists and parents
  • Keep yourself up to date with the latest research
Takeaway message from this 5th issue:
  • Communication strategies that parents can apply easily into children’s daily life
  • Method to improve the quality of your parent-child interaction (PCI)
  • How to enhance children speech and language skills


To purchase, kindly fill in our contact form or send us an email at gracehousemalaysia@gmail.com or contact us at Grace House Careline 0111-6062185. Each magazine is RM30, excluding shipping fee. Shipping fee will vary according to state. As the whole initiative cost is high, we are happy to receive donations, no matter the size of it, to keep our publishing momentum as high as possible. We have invested a lot of time and energy into production, publishing, printing, marketing, and distribution efforts.

The initiative of publishing magazine will be fragile without the support from you. We hope you can join us, either through writing, editing, sponsoring or distributing. Our publication journey is stable and steady, safeguarded by our established licensing, hence don’t worry about you missing the chance to offer.