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I think not only was Aariz’s vocabulary less than 5 words for his age, but he was also refusing to pronunciate simple words that can already be pronounced. It was quite difficult to get Aariz to participate with the program at first but Ms Grace utilizes “playlearn” to get Aariz’s participation, with the initial focus being to assist him with letter pronunciation and to build his vocabulary. What was really important to me was the guidance that was provided by Ms Grace for us, the parents, to ensure that we can continue with the pace at home….I am happy to say that Aariz is talking non-stop now, although a bit ‘pelat’ and still rushing some of his words. Thank you Ms. Grace. – Parents of Aariz



Apparently Adam lacked vocabulary, thus he was making up words to fill his speech. Adam also didn’t know how to structure his sentences properly due to lack of exposure. He also lacks social skills in order to make friends….We loved Grace’s original and fun approach to improve Adam’s condition. At first she suggested us to read children books to Adam daily. Grace thought us the right way to read so that Adam could learn new vocabulary and correct language structures from the books. But then Adam couldn’t relate to the books that were readily available, so she suggested us to create our own books instead. We brought Adam to places, took pictures and then wrote a few handmade books based on his experiences…We are grateful to Grace for helping Adam. Her guidance and support has been amazing! –Parents of Adam



Our son, Aisy, is not able to pronounce two syllables when he was four years old…Grace has thought Aisy how to say two syllables using movement technique. Not only that, she thought a lot of other things, for example how to respond, interact and tell stories. She also thought us those techniques so that we can practice it back home with Aisy. She also prepared some progress report, targets and homework for us and Aisy. We truly feel that all this effort is being paid off when we saw significant progress in Aisy. As you can see, Aisy has made some great strides in his speech and these improvements have all greatly impacted his ability to communicate at preschool and at home as well. There are simply not enough words of praise and thanks for Grace’s commitment to our son. – Parents of Aisy


Our son, Faiz Emran started his speech-language therapy session since November 2015 under Grace. It was an eye opening experience for us as parents especially in applying techniques to enhance his speech skills i.e PECS, Hanen. After 2 years of attending sessions with Grace, Faiz is now able to request and expand his vocabulary. It is still a long way to go but we have found the right foundation to start our journey. – Parents of Faiz


…her language and approach have improved significantly thanks to Grace’s guidance and encouragement. She is now more open towards people when it comes to communication. – Parents of Noor


Firas was a late talker and only started to talk when he was 3 years and 3 months old… He had a very hard time expressing his feelings and needs. He started speech-language therapy with Grace to seek ways in improving his eating habits and his speech as preparation to attend school. Grace showed patience and care and works so well with him. Honestly, Firas loves his therapy sessions so much. Grace always kept me updated on the progress and kept me informed and actively involved in his progress with home practice. She also listened to my feedback and adjusted her treatment accordingly. Grace has been helping him on his Dyslexia issue and he has shown good progress in reading now. As a parent, I am very pleased with Firas’s tremendous progress. Even though he is still under treatment, he is now good in handling his emotions, less sensitive, better in speech, more talkative and expressive too. He is also starting to try other food. Most importantly, he is happier now. I am thankful to Grace and the other therapists for all of your hard work and effort in helping to improve my son’s speech and self esteem – Parents of Firas



Ms Grace, you have given Cayden the strategies and encouragement to use towards developing more fluent speech. Thanks for the patience and also the information on how to continue with home practice. We are pleased and happy with our son’s progress; not only has his speech improved, so has his self confidence and interaction with others. – Parents of Cayden