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High Parental Involvement

We provide feedback to parents regarding their children’s progress in the session. We also provide phone consultation services if required. When parents are not available, we will go so far as to follow up with a call or even video call in order to promote transparency of the childs’ progress. We also provide parental training during each therapy session. This is of course done with consistent effort. This will allow parents to have hands on experience in delivering parts of the therapy with our Speech-Language Therapists’ guidance. An example of a structured parental training program is the ‘Hanen program’ – which allows parents to learn practical strategies to assist their children in learning language in a natural context. Hanen More Than Words Program is a program that offers parents practical tips to improve the communication skills of their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or social communication difficulties. It can only be conducted by Hanen-certified Speech-Language Therapist. To learn more about Hanen program, please download the brochure here. Do contact our Grace House Careline 0111-6062185 to approach our in-house Hanen-certified Speech-Language Therapists.

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